WT and USAT rules will govern this tournament and the Tournament Committee may modify some rules according to the local condition. Divisions may be combined or broken down at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.


USAT junior competition rules will be used. 11 years and younger MAY NOT ATTEMPT ANY HEAD KICKS with the exception of 8-11 years old Black Belts. 8-11 years old black belts and 12-14 years old color belts , 15-17 years old color belts may execute LIGHT HEAD KICKS ONLY with the Junior Safety Rules; Only 12-14 year old black belts,15-17 years old Black Belts and Adults(18+)all belts, will use the USAT/WT Adult Competition Rules.

Mouth guards, groin guards for males, shin+instep guards and forearm protectors are required for all competitors. WT style or WT approved body protectors and head gear are required for all color belts. Only white, blue or red head head gear is allowed in competition. WTF approved gloves are mandatory for black belts only and optional for color belts. Black belt sparring competitors will use the provided Daedo Gen 1 body protectors and Headgear. They need to bring Daedo Gen 1 footgear or make arrangements to lease/purchase on site.


2019 Maui Open board breaking rules updated 8-10-19